Sunday, June 24, 2012

Old Gold: Aloha, Kate Spade!

Aloha! It is summer. How welcome is this weather? Though earlier this week it was altogether to hot to handle, it is now just lovely. It is so lovely, in fact, that all I want to do is wear bright printed fabrics and what bright print is better than a good Hawaiian? There isn't one, I'd say.

Though a Hawaiian print must be done right, when it is worn well it is pretty unstoppable. So Kate Spade seems to think this season with this Tropical Orchid Elliana Dress for $398. It is cute, let's be honest, and I would totally rock this to a wedding or a garden party. However, I'm pretty sure Etsy can make us proud here. There's got to be some great old gold hawaiian printed awesome out there on the web. Let's find it.

Hello perfection. This, this is what you call a classy print ladies. Can't find much wrong with the delightful a-line form of this gorgeous number. 

So sweet and demure. This one actually has more of the feeling of the Kate Spade dress, with it's wide sleeves and white-based print. Though, this one is altogether more child-like in execution. 

Now this one, this one can't just be worn by anyone. I see this bright turquoise on someone with sass. If you don't have enough attitude this dress might end up wearing you. 

If you aren't ready to do it up fully printed, a half-print dress like this is perfect. 

I think this is my favorite. It is a little cheeky with its postcard print but what's better than a little sense of humor in your wardrobe? 

And at... can you go wrong? 

So put some pep in your step. Get some prints on your dress. Feel the summer. It is beautiful out there. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

We need a new couch...

...and I'm finding myself desperately wishing that old couches were as comfortable as my awesome guy requires his lounger to be.

Or that our apartment were about five times the size it is. That way we could fit one of the mid-century sectionals I've always dreamed about.

Or that I didn't fear red wine spillage as much as I do. Oh vintage couches, how pretty they are.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Old gifts are good gifts...

Fresh flowers most always brighten up my day and so these sunflowers came home from the farmer's market with me yesterday. I put them in one of my turquoise vintage vases -- I really can't explain it but I only buy turquoise vases -- instant sunshine. They also go wonderfully with our vintage yellow velvet chair and are sitting proudly next to one of my favorite gifts of all time. 

It is a book called New York 1930. My favorite professor in college gave it to me at the end of the semester as a parting gift. I was moving from Southern California to New York City and he, knowing my love of old good things, knew I would find it a treasure. It has traveled from apartment to apartment with me. It has so many incredible photos and stories that show what the city used to be. This page details the frescoes at the entrances to Rockefeller Center's beautiful buildings, which happen to be some of my favorite art pieces in the city. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vintage gardening tools - anyone?

I'm just going to pretend I didn't disappear for two weeks. 

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this to enough people - but my garden looks amazing. No big deal really, just nurturing a feast in the concrete abyss behind my apartment building. 

When I was at Brimfield, I saw the most lovely little wrought iron table and chairs and thought, "I should buy that and set it next to my garden, then I could talk to the plants more." That got me thinking past just a table and chairs. I wonder what else is out there that was once loved by a gardener, which could be loved again. It turns out - there is a lot. 

We can start with the tools. If you're not a gadgety person who's purchased the latest greatest self spading, non stick, teflon garden helpers then these two gents haven't changed much in the last 200 years. A spade is a spade, isn't that what they say? 

Once you've got the tools to make it happen, you have to have a place to PUT your plants. So put them in this toolbox. It is metal, it won't rot, and it is kind of adorable. It has a partition for separating tools that runs right down the middle of the interior compartment - could be perfect for keeping wandering mint roots in place. Just make sure to poke some holes in the bottom first. 

Can you give me $150 plus shipping? I'd really appreciate it. 

Tradition is tradition, so why don't we keep it alive with this 1920's era cement planter. 

Now that the hard work is done, take a seat, in one of these. 

Then make yourself a garden-mint mojito and set it down on this. 

Now that I've gone through this exercise my garden looks sad. Someone get me some vintage chairs! Stat!