Sunday, June 24, 2012

Old Gold: Aloha, Kate Spade!

Aloha! It is summer. How welcome is this weather? Though earlier this week it was altogether to hot to handle, it is now just lovely. It is so lovely, in fact, that all I want to do is wear bright printed fabrics and what bright print is better than a good Hawaiian? There isn't one, I'd say.

Though a Hawaiian print must be done right, when it is worn well it is pretty unstoppable. So Kate Spade seems to think this season with this Tropical Orchid Elliana Dress for $398. It is cute, let's be honest, and I would totally rock this to a wedding or a garden party. However, I'm pretty sure Etsy can make us proud here. There's got to be some great old gold hawaiian printed awesome out there on the web. Let's find it.

Hello perfection. This, this is what you call a classy print ladies. Can't find much wrong with the delightful a-line form of this gorgeous number. 

So sweet and demure. This one actually has more of the feeling of the Kate Spade dress, with it's wide sleeves and white-based print. Though, this one is altogether more child-like in execution. 

Now this one, this one can't just be worn by anyone. I see this bright turquoise on someone with sass. If you don't have enough attitude this dress might end up wearing you. 

If you aren't ready to do it up fully printed, a half-print dress like this is perfect. 

I think this is my favorite. It is a little cheeky with its postcard print but what's better than a little sense of humor in your wardrobe? 

And at... can you go wrong? 

So put some pep in your step. Get some prints on your dress. Feel the summer. It is beautiful out there. 

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