Sunday, June 17, 2012

Old gifts are good gifts...

Fresh flowers most always brighten up my day and so these sunflowers came home from the farmer's market with me yesterday. I put them in one of my turquoise vintage vases -- I really can't explain it but I only buy turquoise vases -- instant sunshine. They also go wonderfully with our vintage yellow velvet chair and are sitting proudly next to one of my favorite gifts of all time. 

It is a book called New York 1930. My favorite professor in college gave it to me at the end of the semester as a parting gift. I was moving from Southern California to New York City and he, knowing my love of old good things, knew I would find it a treasure. It has traveled from apartment to apartment with me. It has so many incredible photos and stories that show what the city used to be. This page details the frescoes at the entrances to Rockefeller Center's beautiful buildings, which happen to be some of my favorite art pieces in the city. 

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