Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Light up the living room like a grown up...

Our lovely Ikea lamp, left over from my days in the tiny East Village apartment I used to love, just blew up. As in, it literally blew up one day and almost set our chair on fire.

The incident got me to thinking, perhaps one of the ways you move into real adulthood is to invest in some real lamp-age. We recently inherited a gorgeous porcelain lamp from my husband's grandmother and now every other cheap lighting feature we have in our house looks childlike in comparison.

So, I've made a decision. Grown up lamps are soon to become part of our lives. The best thing about lamps is they can be fun or even a little bit crazy. They can be one of your adventurous decorating pieces because they're also practical. A crazy looking lamp will always look the part when you turn it on and it lights up your living room.

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