Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Oh Brimfield Lampshade, How I Love You!

Now here are the fruits (or some of the fruits, more photos to come soon) of our weekend-long labor. Oh what a weekend it was. We found incredible treasures and drank a lot of these while sitting around the fire at my parent's house. 

The crew was delightful as always and particularly cute this year. If I might say so myself. Brimfield was ready for us. Among the things we found:

1. A 1920's flapper dress
2. A mid-century bar cart
3. A green pony lamp
4. A mid-century nestling coffee table
5. A early 1900's self wetting tape dispenser
6. About a dozen lovely 1950's + 1960's dresses
7. One magnificent gold costume ring
8. Two pink sweaters
9. A great lampshade (of course!)
10. Scarves!
11. A yellow, vintage Le Creuset pot
12. A lot of lemonade and a sunburn

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