Tuesday, March 6, 2012

working woman, here I come...

Guess what? I just got a job, at an office, in "the city" (that is Manhattan) where I'll have to get on the subway each morning and have "work friends" instead of just my lovely husband who shares my home office. This is a big step, especially the whole "getting dressed for work" thing. So I did a little searching and I am currently pretending I can just wear vintage suits every day. Because before day #1, it is fun to pretend, right?

Now here's a classic yet spunky look. I would most definitely sport this. Have you noticed during joint sessions of congress, most of the women wear beautiful bright ensembles? I have.

This one doesn't translate as well to the modern workplace but I wish it did! The colors are so subdued and lovely and the peter pan collar, I love it. 

Now this, this translates. I hope that yellowy sheen is a real life phenomenon with this two piece ruby red beauty. This kind of suit is back in action with today's brands and it would totally rock in a high-tech boardroom meeting. 
p.s. when you spell "classy" wrong it kind of ruins your point, just an f.y.i.

Did you say polka dots? 'Cause I did and I found them, they are right here in this high-waisted two-piece of awesome. 

I'll have to test the waters in the new workplace before I venture to purchase anything like this. Nobody wants to be "that new girl" who wears "the crazy things". Nobody, not even me. 

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