Thursday, March 8, 2012

Old things, reused and barbeque...

Though this is a bit out of the realm of my usual vintage and old-world finds, I'm enamored by the care that went into building this restaurant. Fort Reno Provisions is in the next hood over from mine and is run by a friend of my husband, Jacques Gautier, who also happens to be the chef and owner of Palo Santo across the street. Almost everything in Fort Reno was recycled from demolition sites within walking distance of the restaurant and though it just opened it feels like it has been around forever.

"When you build a brand new place from new things in the next couple of years it looks run down. When you use old materials it always looks the same," Gautier told me. There are some incredible stories about the details of this place that I lay out in the story on Inhabitat NYC. I recommend the read, it will inspire you and perhaps give you some ideas for reuse in your home.

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