Sunday, January 8, 2012

swap 'em and hand 'em in...

In the wake of our momentously successful clothing swap my friends and I were left with a giant pile of unwanted pants, skirts, shirts and dresses. So what to do with such treasures?

Why donate them, of course.

New Yorkers throw away about 193,000 tons of textiles every year. Grow NYC has a plan to take that waste out of our system. They take in clothes and sort them into usable and non usable piles. The usable go to people who need them and the non usable are recycled into mattresses, insulation and more textiles.

Grow NYC has collected over 1 million pounds of clothing at farmer's markets around New York City since 2007. The set up shop behind the tomatoes, apples and rutabaga and take in anything textile. Here's a list of their locations and times -- it just so happens one of their frequented stops is at Grand Army Plaza, just a few blocks from my abode. 

Have any old clothes you need to chuck? Hop on over to a recycling center and get it done, it'll help more than just your closet to send that cloth back into the system.

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