Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year, new closet?

When the seasons change I get pretty antsy with my wardrobe. Back in the days of my younger youth when that happened I'd hit the stores and buy new things to spruce up my closet. These days that just makes me feel bad about my earth-loving ways so I've got to find other options.

Mostly when I need something new I head to my favorite vintage store on 5th Avenue in Park Slope - The Odd Twin - do you know it? I love it a lot.

This weekend, however, I was presented with a new and even more exciting opportunity to ring in the New Year - a New Year's Eve clothing swap! How delightful. Tonight I'll be cleansing my wardrobe of the things that make me cringe to make room for some hand me-over awesomeness and to make use of my old things in turn. What a wonderful proposition.

I'm still at a loss however for what to wear to celebrations tomorrow evening. I was gazing through Etsy, though it is too late to buy for the festivities I started to swoon a little. I wish I'd seen this Gold Sequined Holiday Top or this Gold Brocade 1950's Wonder about a week ago when the New Year's outfit buying time was right. Le sigh. TrĂ©s chic.

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