Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year Old Things!

I feel like I've been run run running for just about forever. So I decided to take this New Year weekend to relax. I did nothing other than clean out my closet, swap some clothes for some other clothes and watch American Pickers my new favorite thing. Have you seen it? It is amazing. 

It is about these two guys -- the two guys with the rad rusty bike above -- who have been friends since 8th grade and have started a business where they roam around the country buying old things from mostly old people. The show is about them walking into junkyards and backyards and barns and houses that have been stuffed full of stuff and pulling out some seriously incredible thing that has been buried for fifty years. Then they find a new home for it. 

Can I be like them someday? I hope so. 

As for now I'm happy with my picking weekend. Got some great new clothes and sufficiently relaxed enough to say that I welcomed Monday morning and 2012 with a smile. 

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