Thursday, December 29, 2011

The holidays just swallow you up...

Don't the holidays just swallow you up? They surely swallow me up. In our house the holiday season starts early and goes strong. We've got Mr. Awesome's birthday in mid-November, Thanksgiving, my birthday in mid-December, Christmakah, the New Year and then my brother's birthday in early January. 

Thank goodness the rest of my family had the decency to be born at another time of year. 

Here's a photo of Christmas dinner cooked by Mr. Awesome and I:

*wild mushroom risotto: recipe a bit of an adaptation of Ms. Alice Water's      risotto bianco from the Art of Simple Food (what, you don't have it? shame      on you)
*haricots vert with garlic
*fresh green salad with dried cranberries and local goat cheese     
*tarte tatin (with apples)
*peak organic winter session

Can you say delicious? I know, you're mouth is already watering. It was great. 

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