Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Vintage swimwear, does a body good...

Happy fourth of July my friends. Goodness, what a great holiday. Long forgotten are the battles that got us here and forefront in our memories are lovely summer days full of beach sand, fruity cocktails and firework displays.

We are spending our fourth of July at the beach and whenever I think of the beach I think of Marilyn and her gorgeous figure. She was just so beautiful and feminine. There will never be another like her. I, myself, am what one might call a vintage-figured lady, on my better days I think of myself as having Betty Davis curves. While bathing suit shopping I more feel like a giant humpback whale.

That's why, when at Brimfield this spring, I decided to enter the unchartered world of vintage bathing suits and was lucky enough to score a 1950's Jansen hawaiian print with the tags still attached. That's right, I'm the proud owner of a 60 year-old unworn swim suit and she's making her first beach appearance today. So before you hit the racks at JCrew and spend your cash on an elasticy vintage-inspired suit that will start giving you that lovely saggy-crotch look by next summer, check out these oh, so lovely, oldies that are sure to give you a little bit of that Marilyn mystique. 

First off, this Etsy shop's logo is a bunny. Plus number one. Plus number two is this adorable colorful polka dot from a bygone era. I'd suggest this for any body type, it will definitely pull in your waist and give you that perfect hip-curve that I know you're looking for. 

Hello two-piece. This high waist puts aside your worries about tummy rolls and love handles hanging out and puts all of the focus on your d├ęcolletage. Love the white piping detail. 

Everyone's got to have a red polka dotted swimsuit at one point in their life. This one would be perfect for the lady with a cute mid-section and a slight concern about the hip area. Also notice the well-structured support of the top. Love it. 

Here's an adorable suit for someone who wants to actually cover up a bit. It is still sexy and stylish but doesn't give too much away. 

I kind of love this and might buy it. The skinny-strap thing is super flattering and the shape of it is just right to keep the figure in check. It also has one of those super sexy plunging backs that I'm a sucker for. 

And the crowning glory of the search. Could it get better than this? There's the obvious sex appeal, the tummy tucking waist and the adorable ruffled tush. I'm a teensy bit obsessed yet scared away by the price. Someone purchase this beauty, please.

Now get out there and make Ms. Monroe proud. Get your woman on ladies, show off your curves on the beach this summer. 

DISCLAIMER: When buying a vintage bathing suit, just remember that the fabric isn't going to have as much elastic as the suits you are used to. I was worried when I got mine, but the woman I purchased from (who seems to be old enough to have swam in the ocean around the time my bathing suit was constructed) assured me that they are salt-water safe and that they won't lose their shape. Just remember to take careful care when cleaning your new old suit. Hand wash in the sink with a gentle soap and hang it to dry. 

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