Friday, July 6, 2012

Reusing space...

A couple of weekends ago a very hip friend of mine decided to have his birthday celebration at the once illegal, now condoned Mr. Sunday dance party at the Gowanus Grove. It was right out of an episode of Girls and amidst the most impossibly cool of Brooklyn twenty and thirty-somethings I realized that reuse applies to spaces as well as objects.

You see the dance party takes place every Sunday afternoon and evening on a tree-filled abandoned lot on the very toxic Gowanus Canal. With a concrete slab for a dance floor and a makeshift lot of old pieces of wood and proper picnic tables for seating, the event makes due with little new inventions and a lot of what was there. With a little bit of paint on an old factory wall and the patchwork exteriors of ancient buildings and soaring water towers acting as decoration, this place is pure old school.

It is a really beautiful scene and something to check out, if you haven't made it by. It just might up your rep in the plaid army. It certainly did a number for mine.

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