Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscars red carpet vintage rewind...

So I decided last night while watching the Oscars that this could be done. It turns out it is harder than one might think. The gowns worn on the Oscars red carpet are often made just for the woman attending, just for this night, by a designer who gets to do just what they're dreaming of in that moment. Though last night's looks were undoubtedly old-hollywood inspired -- like the night itself -- the matches in the vintage realm are less than perfect, but in some cases fit the mood of the look quite nicely. So here goes my first attempt at awards night-style. Back in time for a vintage rewind.

*DISCLAIMER: try to imagine the vintage frocks with an otherworldly beauty wearing them, instead of a lifeless mannequin.

Maybe one of the coolest moments of last night's show was the burst of real, unadulterated emotion that came out of Octavia Spencer when she was named Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Help. She has been stunning on the red carpet all season, wearing dresses that flatter her shape more than, arguably, most women in Hollywood. This vintage version of her frock is obviously not exactly the same, but captures the feeling of Spencer's glamorous beaded, face-framing selection

Hollywood's new favorite beauty is Jessica Chastain who was a leading lady in two of last night's nominated films and was up for Best Supporting Actress herself for her role in The Help. She shocked the runway in this daring black dress with gold beading that was a big departure from her recent, more colorful frocks. Luckily gold on black is a huge theme in vintage dresses and this dress from The Frock grabs that star-struck feeling that Chastain embodied last night. 

Mila Jovovich is like a laser beam, you cannot keep your eyes off of her otherworldly features. At her first Oscar appearance last night, attending as a presenter, she did not disappoint in this lovely one shouldered cream-colored number. But then again, how could Jovovich look bad in anything? She's a goddess. This dress from the frock is a bit more romantic than Mila's pick but it has the same type of elegance and age-old, one-shouldered, creamy glamour. 

Okay so Stacy Keibler is totally gorgeous. It is not negotiable. And she gets to walk around with George Clooney on her arm, which makes it all the easier for this leggy lady to look stunning in photos. However, I was not into her dress last night, it was a little too droopy, a little too drippy. I do love her in gold, though and I think she would have done better in something with a little more structure. Her lithe and lovely figure was obstructed by all those folds. 

Oh Rooney, how you've entered our lives in such a flash. Ms. Mara was, as always, stunning on the carpet and her choice of this romantic frock was surprising and elegant. The delicate lace of Rooney's number is matched with this early 1900's gown from The Frock. If you aren't at an awards show -- and you're not a bride -- you should probably stay away from this kind of a dramatic white, so brown might do the mere mortal better than Mara's milky tone. 

So as you can see, red carpet is a bit harder to hit on the head than everyday looks. I'd call the ladies of the Academy Awards the winners in this one but for us real-world starlets, couture gowns are mostly out of reach. So, remember, if you're ever in need of a ball gown, vintage styles are a great option.  Case in point, Natalie Portman on this year's Oscars red carpet in Vintage Christian Dior. Magnifique. 

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