Friday, February 24, 2012

On the hunt...

A friend of mine asked me this week to help her find a dress to wear to a Prohibition themed party she'll be having in a couple of months. Naturally I took up the challenge and have become way too involved in finding her the perfect dress. 

She's pretty tiny, so her measurements are kind of perfect for most 1920's dresses - ladies were little then and a lot of them don't have zippers or buttons so you have to slip them over your head. But I've come across a couple of wonderful dresses that are too big for her and I thought I'd share with you my favorite. 

A 1920's secretary day dress! How awesome is this neutral-toned frock? I adore it. You should buy it. 

As a side note, day dresses like this from this era are so hard to find. It makes sense when you think about it. A lady would wear this day dress a lot, probably once a week or so, so they didn't really survive because of wear and tear. The fancier frocks were worn less and therefore made it through the years without as much damage. So when you find a really old day dress that fits you, hop on it! They are rare. 

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