Thursday, December 1, 2011

things I want...

I used to be a little bookmark crazy. I'd bookmark everything in one big category and then months later realize I wanted to find something and be just as lost in looking for it in my bookmarks folder as I was searching for it online. In the last year I've done a noble job of categorizing my bookmarks and in one spot I've especially excelled. 

I have a bookmark category in Chrome now that is just called "things I want". I bookmark anything that I want whether it be the totally attainable and necessary items like a new set of sheets or a mixing bowl or the completely unattainable things like this marvelous brownstone in my neighborhood in Brooklyn that one man perfectly restored by himself that Dwell so perfectly documented in this slideshow

I am sure it is his prized jewel and I'll never own it myself but I like to keep it documented with the other "things I want" to remind myself that someday I can meticulously restore a home as beautiful as this one. 

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