Sunday, December 4, 2011

there is beauty in the world...

I can't wrap my head around the arguments against gay marriage. As a Manhattan Mini Storage ad once said to me in the subway, "If you don't like gay marriage, don't get gay married."

That's just about all there is to it and this beautiful ad by GetUp!, a group fighting for marriage equality in Australia, shows it all. It is the first look, the first smile, the good times, the sad times, the support, love, friendship and commitment that all of us who just so happen to be straight are welcome to seal in the eyes of the law. 

I'm proud that I live in a state that doesn't discriminate. I am sad that there are so many places, including Washington DC, that still do. 

Why some people feel the need to crush the hopes and dreams of others and then spit on the quality of their commitment is beyond the realm of my comprehension.

The truth is there's not much more to it than any great love story. 

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