Friday, September 14, 2012

We bought a sofa...

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It has happened. My beloved 1970's raw silk, feather cushioned sofa has been replaced. I adored it, even with all the pillow fluffing and concern over red wine spills. Even after Harriet decided one of the cushions was just too pretty and she had to tear it up. Even after the wonderful man spent his umpteenth hour laying in discomfort exclaiming that his LazyBoy had been a better bet then my vintage gem.

Even with all of my adoration, the time came for it to be replaced and to be honest, though I'm excited to freshen up my seating experience, I'm a litte ashamed. We caved. We bent. We dove.

Right into the inventory of the ABC Carpet and Home warehouse in the Bronx.

We came home with a deep purple, sexy as heck, 1/3 priced comfortable beauty with just one, foam-filled cushion that I assure you, will need no fluffing.

That being said, the real reason for this post is to highlight the fact that though my dedication to the old, preloved and left behind is strong, I do try and succeed at times in loving new things. A sofa, now a sofa is a thing that you get a lot of years out of, you get a lot of wear out of, you get a lot of hours of lounging out of. If there's something to be purchased new, it should be something useful, that will serve a dedicated purpose and need to stand up to wear and tear. A sofa, now that's the kind of thing you buy new.

(I'm not just fooling myself here right?)

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