Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hot town. Summer in the city.

Oh, Sartorialist, how you make the streets shine. I've loved this blog for just about as long as I've been living in New York City. Just when I feel the wind has gone out of my wardrobe and the shapes and colors don't seem to fit, I stumble back upon his magic. It all comes flowing back.

I'll not reprint his photo out of extraordinary respect for his unique lens and discerning eye but let's just say this lovely vintage lady struck my fancy and I realized, my goodness, she actually is wearing vintage. 

So, here my friends we don't have a contest, just a mission to recreate this endearing look that just might keep you cool on a warm summer eve. 

What goes better with summer than a yellow crop top? Maybe a yellow crop top and an ice cream cone. 

For the slightly less daring we'll go with a nice lavender hue. 

I wouldn't wear peach shorts with a yellow top - our lovely model has the right two toned look going on - but if you are daring you could go with red. 

However, the lavender would go quite nicely with a delicate peachy bottom like this one. 

I'm sorry, did you say wooden wedge? Good, 'cause that's what I found. 

**please buy these, they are too small for me and someone great should own them

Voilá, straw purse. Almost too easy. 

Every city girl needs one of these. 

Now you've got the look. Stay cool out there. 

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