Monday, May 7, 2012

The Brimfield Countdown Begins!

This is going to be so fun. Brimfield starts officially tomorrow - tomorrow! - but my friends and I are being responsible adults and only taking one day off of work this week. So t-minus 3 days and counting until we jet out to the wild antique horizon. We'll be driving up on Friday and hitting the stalls through Sunday - we decided on a leisurely 3-day trip this year, instead of a jam packed 2 day trip. 

So, in honor of my favorite shopping outing of the year - of the everything! - I'm going to give you a list, one thing each day, of what I'll be searching for in those jam-packed old farm fields. 

Today, today I'm looking forward to buying scarves, which, I've decided, are the perfect accessory. I'm going to come back with a bundle of scarves. And perhaps, if I'm lucky, some pins to secure them with. Sparkly pins, flower pins! Pins and scarves: Brimfield search items #1 and #2. 

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