Saturday, March 24, 2012

Week one. Done. Week two. Need clothing.

Week one of the new job has finished and I'm left with two thoughts.

#1 - I have filled a much needed position. #2 - I don't know squat about business attire.

I'm one of those ladies who used to laugh at my friends and say, "I've resigned myself to the thought that I'll never have an adult-enough job to need a suit." So, it turns out I was so wrong. I need a suit.


I know, tell me about it. In addition to the suit, I need business-casual clothes. Before I started on Monday, I saw that in the welcome packet and thought, "oh great, I know business casual, it's awesome." No, this is like BUSINESS casual not business CASUAL. This is just shy of a suit, four days a week (thank goodness for casual Fridays right now, I barely scraped four outfits together.)

So, I bought a pair of black slacks yesterday that I'm not sure if I love (I hate pants shopping (UPDATE: tried said slacks on again and I hate them)) and today I need to find a blazer. I also need approximately two more pairs of pants and two skirts and about seven shirts and a suit. I keep forgetting about the suit. What's a girl to do? Go shopping. So I'm off to hit the sidewalks of New York City today hoping to find a stash of vintage suit dresses hidden down some dark alleyway. In the meantime here are some shirts that I want to own. I need them now, or better yet, I needed them yesterday.

Gotta love a tiny bow. 

There aren't many things more feminine than a lacy detail. 

Hello Downton Abbey, time for work. 

Peachy keen. 
*Now that I've got these laid out, I'm sensing a color theme. Who knew I'd be come so pastel inclined?

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