Friday, February 10, 2012

Old Gold: Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2012 vs. Etsy

In this Old Gold we'll explore the world that Michael Kors has created for his Pre-Fall 2012 line inspired by Ann Bonfoey Taylor, the legendary mid-century fashion-icon, pilot, equestrian and ski-wear designer. Ms. Taylor was a true original and Kors' line is flush with the humorous western details and elegantly clean lines that she was known for. I gravitated immediately to this gorgeous ruby red fur-collared coat that I just couldn't wear because the thought of newly slain animals around my neck makes me cringe. 

However, I'm not against old fur -- if it was slain over a half a century ago, you can't be blamed for its untimely end -- because it is out there and, well, someone's got to wear it or it will just go to waste. So here we go, I know there are a load of fur-lined vintage finds on Etsy to match this lovely statement piece.

Are you swooning yet? This coat is simply divine. Can't you see Joan strutting into the office in the morning in this piece of mid-century perfection? This coat calls for the kind of up-do's that that Mad Men beauty is known for, you can't rock a collar like this one without some sass in your locks.

This one is a little less daring than both the stunner above and the Michael Kors number, plus this one is faux fur for the no-fur ladies in our midst. While faux fur is never as luxurious (or warm) as the real thing, it can be a great option for a bit of spunk on an otherwise boring number. 

This demure little number will be a welcome surprise for the larger ladies in the audience, it "fits like a large" according to the seller and we all know that just about never happens when searching the vintage racks. The round shape of the collar is a perfect frame for some smokey eyes and a lush pair of lips. 

We've now arrived at the final ruby specimen which just so happens to be the cutest of the bunch. As we've had to do before, please look past the terrible mannequin and the awful ironing job (Dear Etsy sellers, Please buy a steamer. Thank you - Brit) and into the eyes of the lovingly draped collar affixed with a bow. This coat, like the first, is what we call a "swing coat" -- the fabric is cut in an a-line form from the under arm out to the hem. They are not form fitting and so can accommodate a lot of different shapes and sizes. 

I have to admit that this is a close one. I still love the Michael Kors look but these vintage finds surely rival it for style and class. One thing I'll say is that Ms. Taylor would be pleased with our finds -- I personally think she'd have picked the first Etsy find over Mr. Kors rendition but that can't be proven. The Etsy finds also have the added benefit of not promoting the modern day fur market so I'll have to go with Etsy again on this one. Go vintage! 

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