Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Old Gold: In which J.Crew is trumped by Etsy

I'll not stand out on my blogging limb and claim I have something against the clean lines and popular designs of the mega-label J.Crew. I'll not do that mostly because I'm a bad lier. I love Jenna Lyons, her army of vintage adoring designers and her passion for quirky accessorizing. Even the trendiest labels are prone to the throw-back and J.Crew is obviously no exception. For those that have regularly skimmed its styles, you'll routinely recognize some not so subtle shades of styles gone past. 

Case in point, this totally spring concert-worthy pink flowered button down -- which is an iteration of J.Crew's Perfect Shirt -- throwing it way back to Farrah and the 1970's post-flower child days. So what does Etsy have to offer? Why a whole lot of genuine post-flower child button downs with enough petals to make your winter blues melt away. 

Did you say you wanted a pink flowered button down that would go perfect with a pair of shorts? Because I found one, straight from the 70's. 

A little more serious, this rosy number brings the fluorescent-factor down a notch and has a dainty color to match its delicate pattern. 

For my friends who just can't do that whole "pink" thing, here's a great option that ups the feminine factor tenfold with its sheer brilliance. 

If you're the dainty type, this is the button down for you. There's nothing more lady-like than a good ruffle. There's also nothing uglier than a bad ruffle but thankfully this 1970's number got it just right.

Now if you're into bluegrass music -- you know, the real country jams -- then this might bring you back to memories of sitting in a grassy field listening to someone get down on the mandolin. A bit more June Carter Cash than Farah Fawcett this is for the line dancing lovers in our midst. 

Well, when you put them together like that. It just makes sense doesn't it? It is almost like they were cut by the same pattern maker. Though the J.Crew version is sweet, the Etsy numbers cut down the wearer's impact by not creating something new and give that vintage fashion-lover a unique wardrobe piece which they'd never see at the mall. 

Etsy wins. Horay!

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