Friday, February 3, 2012

Old Gold: Banana Republic vs. Etsy

Really this one is a little too easy. It is as if Banana Republic decided to make a wardrobe inspired by Lisa from Dirty Dancing. It is a lot a bit 60's and a little bit modern and all together could be bought in much higher quality if sourced from the original decade. So here we go. The yellow wiggle dress from the 2012 Banana Republic show in Paris. I'm pretty sure I know who's going to win and I haven't even started searching yet. 

If you ask me this dress is BETTER than the Banana Republic 60's wiggle dress knockoff. The lines are perfect, the sleeve cut is elegant and the waistline would give any lady the perfect curve. I might just buy it myself. 

This is a perfect replacement for the Banana Republic for a lady with a smaller bustline. Straps + big bosom = bad. Small bosom + straps = larger looking chest. Obviously most of us would have to lose this flower and perhaps replace it with a rockin' scarf, but I love this frock none the less. 

Okay, so as you often have to do on the magical, look past the awful mannequin. This dress is lovely, especially for those that would like a little less form in the midsection. The color and cut are great and this number could be worn to work with a sensible pair of heels. Oh, by the way, this will save you a boatload of cash. 

I love this piece because of its versatility. With a belt, without a belt, with a necklace without a necklace, with heels or flats, to work or to a picnic, it can go with you wherever you want to take it. Plus, the yellow is so soft and flattering. I adore it. 

Okay, so don't buy this one because I want it. How perfect is it? With the sexy see through neckline and the cape-like detail on the skirt. Le sigh, the sixties were so glamorous. 

I mean I swear I didn't fix this one. I swear I just went to and picked an outfit that I liked and I started writing this post before I even searched Etsy and voilá, Etsy wins. 

Etsy always wins. Let's embrace it and keep battling anyway, cause isn't this fun? 


  1. Such a great idea, I love the comparison (Etsy always wins)! :) Thanks for liking my dress enough to feature it, much appreciated!

  2. Erin! Of course, your cocktail dress is so sassy and way cooler than the Banana Republic fare! Thanks for reading :)