Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It is no surprise to most of my friends and family that I just can't help wanting to be a women in Paris in the 1930's. Did you see Midnight in Paris? Did you swoon like I did? 

I spent six glorious months in college living on the beach in Cannes, France -- don't worry I knew just how lucky I was -- and have managed to become quite the francophile despite the fact that I let the language of romance slip quietly out of my brain so that now when someone asks, "Où est le toilette?" I smile and do a lot of "ummm, ahhh, ehhhhh," before delivering some clunky direction toward the window in the back and left of the armchair.

So to my surprise this morning after returning from my very cold and refreshing run, a friend of mine that I lived with in France brought up the lovely proposition that we both get back into it. Française that is! We'll be listening to audio casts and chatting on the phone in French about our lives. Catching up and learning all at once. 

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