Thursday, November 10, 2011

getting around to the things I never get around to...

I love the character of something that's been around the block -- a sofa, a bookshelf, a dining room chair - no matter what it is, there's something about an object with a history that attracts me.

I like to think of the no-doubt fabulous woman that wore the 1950's yellow-striped button down dress that I now own. I bet she hosted garden parties in her Westchester home. I bet the women on her block wondered how she kept that dress so wrinkle-free while passing out mint juleps in condensation-coated stainless steel tumblers in her impeccable backyard rose garden. I wonder about this mostly because I'm now baffled at how she did it. No matter how much I starch that thing, you just can't sit down without standing up to a skirt full of creases.

So, my history with historical things continues as I presently attempt to change the color of this amazing second-hand oversized chaise arm chair. I bought the appropriate all-natural dyes, detergents and fixatives at Dharma Trading Company, the store that just about everyone on the web has decided is the only place to buy all-natural dyes, detergents and fixatives. I followed all the directions and now I'm waiting patiently for my brand-new, red wine-colored oversized chaise arm chair to finish cycling in the washing machine.

Cross your fingers that I won't want to wish it back to army green.

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